White spots on throat

White spots on tonsils

Have you noticed white spots on throat? If you have, you must be very worried at the moment. White spots on throat can be of two things. It could be a tonsil infection, but tonsil infections normally hurt a lot. So if there is any pain in your tonsils then it could be tonsillitis. If there is no pain and you can see these white spots on tonsils, then most likely you are suffering from a condition called tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths.

So what exactly are the symptoms of these white spots on throat? The first thing you will notice is bad breath. White spots on tonsils causes bad breath because the tonsil stone is actually harden calcium deposits. And the stones are rotting in your mouth which is the reason for the bad breath. Thing is, when you blow breath into your hand. You might not smell the foul smell. But you will notice this really foul smell when you are breathing through your nose. Its always there. That is because the tonsil stone is stuck down your throat or near towards your nostrils which is why you are smell it through your nose.

it doesn't matter how many chewing gums you have, because after you stop chewing the smell is bad. It is actually really horrible. It's almost like having bad feet, it doesn't matter what you do, once you take off your shoes it smells. That is like how it feels when you have tonsil stones.

So why do you get white spots on throat? In fact this condition is actually very common. Well, not everyone has it, but believe it or not there are a lot of people out there with white spots on tonsils. You just don't know because very few will open they mouths and show you, or even tell anyone they have it. I actually hide mine from everyone, I didn't even tell my partner at that time. I was so embarrassed, because I thought it was only me that was getting it.

Although white spots on tonsils is a very common condition. There is a secret remedy to get rid and prevent white spots on throat coming back. I had to discover this the hard way, after suffering the condition for years. I have finally found the solution to get rid of this terrible problem. To learn more about tonsil stones and how to prevent them coming back to your life. Then please go to my website and check out my book. I have many successful stories as seen on my site, my method really works work. You should give it a go, you never know this could be the solution to your problem! Go to my site here : White spots on tonsils


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