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What is the most popular method for tonsil stones treatment? Well, lets firstly discuss what exactly is tonsil stones. Tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths is a harden white foul smelling rock that gets stuck on your tonsils. Sometimes if you cannot see the stone in your tonsils, it is hidden up your nostrils or further down your throat where you cannot see it. So is there a tonsil stones cure?


Well, that is why I am here. I have suffered from tonsilloliths for years. It was so horrible, I was always paranoid about my breath and it was disturbing me why I am the only way that gets it. Until when I went online and realised that there are also many people just like myself that suffers from this condition.


I too, have asked myself many times is there a tonsil stones cure? What is the tonsil stones treatment? Well, after suffering this for years, I plucked up the courage to finally speak to my doctor about it. I was referred to a specialist. Surprisingly the specialist told me its a very common thing. He told me that the only way to eliminate them was get a tonsillectomy.


Cutting my tonsils out? But I need my tonsils! that was my reaction.


I came here to see him to get the tonsil stones cure, the tonsil stones treatment. Not an answer to cut a part of my body out.


I believe that mother nature gave us our tonsils for a reason and I was not just gonna cut it out because i was growing these horrible tonsil rocks.


Anyway, so what happened next was I booked appointments to see naturopaths and homeopaths, so I can get the tonsil stones cure. I knew deep inside that there is a tonsil stones treatment somewhere out there. But I just had to find out myself.


After months of trying different remedies, and losing money here and there.. I finally found the single home remedy that actually got rid of my tonsil stones. And they didn't return! it was something so simple and so obvious, only the herbalist could see. And it wasn't dental hygiene. It was analysing my body and finding out what exactly was triggering the stones. He looked into my mouth and looked at my different organs, and in 5 mins he knew the answer to why I keep getting these smelly stones.


If you are also suffering from tonsilloliths and want to get rid of them, you can read more about my story from my website. I have written a book on the secret to remove tonsil stones on this website: