Tonsilloliths also known as tonsil stones, tonsiliths and  tonsil rocks looks like white lumps that can be squashed. When squashed the stones emits a very bad smell. Almost unbearable. These stones form on your tonsils and sometimes near your nostrils and down your throat. Many people however do not see the tonsil stones on their tonsils. Many people will only see it when it detaches itself from somewhere down the throat and you surprise yourself with a little smelly ball in your mouth.


So what exactly are tonsilloliths? They are made up of a mixture of things including bacteria, calcified particles and rotting debris. They get stuck inside your tonsil crypts which are holes inside your tonsils. Everybody has tonsil crypts but sometimes food gets stuff inside those wholes and it accumulates and turns into this foul smelling white substance which stinks your breath.


Some people get a tonsillectomy to stop the tonsilloliths in forming. However I don't that is the long term solution. I have heard from many customers that still get tonsilloliths even though they had their tonsils taken out. This is because the tonsil stones also gets caught elsewhere around the throat and nose which you cant see, but smell.


Cutting your tonsils out, does not solve the underlying reason why you are getting tonsilloliths in the first place. There is something that is not in balanced for you to get tonsil stones and not everybody else. And you need to resolve the underlying problem with your body in order to stop tonsil stones from returning.


When you think about it? You didn't get tonsilloliths before right? It is just recently or in your adult life that you are getting them? Well, something isn't right and you need to resolve this. Because your health is the most important part of your life.


And although it is a common thing to have them, it does not mean you need to suffer for the rest of your life with them. There is a way out. There is a solution to tonsil stones. And I have discovered this after trial and error on  myself. But i'm glad I did the trial and error because I am now tonsil stone free. And i also hope you will be free of tonsil rocks. So if you also want to learn how to eliminate tonsilloliths then please check out my website at to grab yourself a copy of my tonsil stones remedies book.



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